Anja Rietbrock completed her apprenticeship with Hans-Heinrich Meyer zu Strohen. Other instructors were Fritz Ligges, Peter Luther and Uwe Schulten-Baumer. Successes followed in tournaments up to class S in dressage and jumping. She was awarded the Golden Riding Badge in both disciplines.

Kristin Rietbrock and Senior Chef takes care of everything administrative and is still in her 80s  with enthusiasm in the saddle of the PRE gray mare, which is affectionately known as “Chica”. Also she is awarded with the Golden riding Badge in dressage.

Matthias, our stable master, ensures that all our horses are well and that they are perfectly cared for. For further support, we always have trainees and interns in our stable who appreciate the variety of horses, with Spaniards, warm-blooded animals, dressage and jumping horses, as well as ponies.

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Anja Rietbrock

Kristin Rietbrock



Senior owner

Stables Chief


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