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The handsome gelding Honest has also found his final place and we are so happy for him. He is such a great horse with charisma, with an impressive pedigree, Catalonian master and excellent with the best movement and now he can be a leisure and teaching horse. Congratulations to his  [ Read More ]

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Over the past few days, we have received very warm Christmas greetings from customers who have touched us very much. A bigger compliment we cannot get and we would like to thank you again very, very warmly for the kind words and the wonderful photos.            [ Read More ]

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There weren’t many horses that attracted so many interested people as this beautiful black horse. At first it looked like it was falling into completely different hands, and its current owner was very sad about it. In the end it worked and the variables “luck and fate” struck. We have  [ Read More ]

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When Bolle’s owner informed us that she had to sell himfor health reasons with a heavy, heavy heart, we did not hesitate a second to take him back. A new home was quickly found for this great horse. We are even more pleased that our Palomino Perlindo will leave with  [ Read More ]

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Quetal was picked up today by his new owner. We know that all horses feel “very good” with us – to put it casually – but Quetal has once again crowned the whole thing. He was waiting for his new owner in lying and sleeping. She even had to put  [ Read More ]

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We are so happy that the pretty little gray horse has found “his” carrot giver, but stays with us in the stable. Congratulations to the buyer and we are looking forward for a  good long time with us in our stables and in our family stable community.        [ Read More ]

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Here are some photos of the beautiful Esplendido. In the meantime it has been integrated into the existing herd, which has worked quite well so far. We also got to know Esplendido as a very social horse who could be integrated into our small herd of mares just 6 weeks  [ Read More ]

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Also Carlosito got the jackpot and will make his new owner more than happy. A lovable guy, very sociable and nice to deal with, great to ride and well trained. He will put a daily smile on the face of his new owner.           Post Views:  [ Read More ]

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Some training horses, which we accompany for longer, sneak into our hearts with their extraordinary personality, one of them is Wladimir. We have successfully accompanied him and Ulrike Hatzl trained him from dressage level A to M **. Now he will promote the next generation and we are very grateful  [ Read More ]

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It felt a bit like heavy stones were lying on the chest when we drove our “Bolle” to his new home. NOT because he won’t get a really great new home and of course an equally great new owner who has harmonized perfectly with him from the start, but because  [ Read More ]