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Also Carlosito got the jackpot and will make his new owner more than happy. A lovable guy, very sociable and nice to deal with, great to ride and well trained. [ Read More ]

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Some training horses, which we accompany for longer, sneak into our hearts with their extraordinary personality, one of them is Wladimir. We have successfully accompanied him and Ulrike Hatzl trained [ Read More ]

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It felt a bit like heavy stones were lying on the chest when we drove our “Bolle” to his new home. NOT because he won’t get a really great new [ Read More ]

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We also got a message and a photo from our pretty Lusitano Mix Aoto. He has already settled in well and the new owners extremely happy with him. When we [ Read More ]

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Our self-bred Sherlock Holmes sun Sunday was sold to a very talented young rider. We wish them all the best. A great talented young horse and a talented young rider [ Read More ]

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You couldn’t have asked for a better home for Harry. We are so happy that everything fit so well and even better to know him in such good hands. All [ Read More ]

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We are very pleased that Obstinado has found his soul mate owner. Congratulations and thank you for these wonderful professional photos! Obstinado has never been so beautiful. A horse that [ Read More ]

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Bartolo is now called Bernie and he reached the “sunny side of life”, as he had not always a good life. Great to see the two together and you can [ Read More ]

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We are very happy to hear from Duende and his new owner. The two get along really well and Duende has already found new friends. Original feedback from his new [ Read More ]

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Romantico is a very special horse, one that is often called a heart or soul horse. Whoever looks into his eyes knows what we are talking about! He looks at [ Read More ]