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Cheeky and huggable, a very special horse. I used to breed myself, but he’s awesome. A character like a Labrador.             Post Views: 101

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We from Barockmeetsclassic don’t only make adults happy but do bring also children’s eyes to shine, when they get their four-legged friend for life. It was a special highlight with Temple, as the horse was organized by the mother as a “surprise” and stood in the local stable and the  [Read More]

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We are always very happy to receive messages and photos from our former sales horses. For the New Year we received a photo of a satisfied customer and our gray Andalusian Marismeño. He looks great and it’s a shame that we can’t show the happy smile on the owner’s face.  [Read More]

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How nice to hear something from the pretty PRE mare Eliana. Her owner contacted us with photos and this message: “Dear Anja, Eliana has now been with us for 5 months and it’s going very well. She has settled in, has won everyone’s hearts and has a lot of fun  [Read More]

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We are always particularly pleased when we receive photos of our former sales horses and messages from happy buyers. We are happy to follow the development of our horses and of course see ourselves confirmed in having brought the right horse together with the right rider / owner. Our chestnut  [Read More]

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Our beautiful Buckskin Barquillero will now enrich the alpine state of Switzerland. A PRE that we will never forget. A great horse in character and with every season his coat color has appeared in a different tone. We congratulate the buyers on their decision and wish Barquillero all the best  [Read More]

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Saying goodbye is always difficult and especially with this pretty clown, whom we all take so deeply into our hearts. Morfeo, a beautiful PRE in special color bay, highly talented and who came to us from Spain and was already very well trained for his age. With us he was  [Read More]

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Brandy arrived safely in Denmark after a 5 hour drive and we are so happy for him that he has found such a wonderful home. A great horse with a unique character that will definitely bring nothing but joy to its new owner. Brandy, we will miss you!      [Read More]

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As always, we are very happy to receive feedback from our sold horses. Here we received a photo of the beautiful Ilustrado and its new home. He has settled in wonderfully and has integrated himself perfectly. The socialization is also going optimally and everyone is enthusiastic about this baroque brown  [Read More]

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We wish El Dorado and its new owner all the best. He is not only a beautiful horse, but he always was so easy to handle, even being a young hrose. One who from the first minute only gave us joy. Every dayto handle and every day to work with.  [Read More]