On July - 8 - 2023 0 Comment

Auch unser superschickes Checkter Fuchsfohlen aus unserer For Pleasure x Lord Liberty Mutter im sportlichen Typ hat ein super neues zu Hause gefunden. Vielen Dank für die süßen Fotos und wir sind uns sicher, dass aus dem eleganten Fohlen ein Top Pferd mit sehr guten Springqualitäten wird. Alles Gute den  [Read More]

On May - 15 - 2023 0 Comment

With Capitan, another horse of the heart is leaving us. A very special Andalusian who will have a place in the hearts of the whole Rietbrock team forever. All the best dear Capitan! Off to your new life with very special people at your side.            [Read More]

On February - 14 - 2023 0 Comment

Translated: “Your horses are changing our live – look how happy we are!” We are totally touched by the lovely WhatsApp from Girasol’s new owner! Thank you very much for that and congratulations again on this handsome little fellow. We are sure that he will be a great buddy and  [Read More]

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…………………. he has now become a girl’s dream come true. Congratulations on this great boy and we think he couldn’t have made a better match because the two of them are simply a “dream team”. A great little guy and a talented little rider. It’s nice that both of them  [Read More]

On October - 29 - 2022 0 Comment

We have received beautiful photos of lovely Freya and her Tempi. They are a beautiful couple and Freya is very pretty in her Spanish dress. What a great memory of the two of them. It is always a pleasure to see the development of the horses.  Thank you again!  

On September - 5 - 2022 0 Comment

We are very happy and proud to get this nice words from a happy buyer: Hi Anja, I would like once again to say you thank you for this nice horse … he is incredible !!! So friendly and quite. Nothing can stress him. I’m so happy that I was  [Read More]

On January - 30 - 2022 0 Comment

Cheeky and huggable, a very special horse. I used to breed myself, but he’s awesome. A character like a Labrador.            

On January - 28 - 2022 0 Comment

We from Barockmeetsclassic don’t only make adults happy but do bring also children’s eyes to shine, when they get their four-legged friend for life. It was a special highlight with Temple, as the horse was organized by the mother as a “surprise” and stood in the local stable and the  [Read More]

On January - 3 - 2022 0 Comment

We are always very happy to receive messages and photos from our former sales horses. For the New Year we received a photo of a satisfied customer and our gray Andalusian Marismeño. He looks great and it’s a shame that we can’t show the happy smile on the owner’s face.  [Read More]

On November - 14 - 2021 0 Comment

How nice to hear something from the pretty PRE mare Eliana. Her owner contacted us with photos and this message: “Dear Anja, Eliana has now been with us for 5 months and it’s going very well. She has settled in, has won everyone’s hearts and has a lot of fun  [Read More]