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On 19 October 2023 appeared an article by Tom Kreib about Anja Rietbrock and her Spanish horses in Sottrum in the Kreiszeitung.de. We thank you very much for this.   Proud, clever and sensitive: Spanish horses in Sottrum by Tom Kreib, http://www.kreiszeitung.de   Anja Rietbrock (right) with her colleagues at  [Read More]

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A stallion of the family of stallion licencing inspector Dirk Mehnert was admitted to the licensing of dressage stallions 2022. This would naturally cause a conflict of interest, which means that he is now represented by Anja Rietbrock. The Hanoverian stallion licensing will take place as usual in Verden from  [Read More]

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The market for high-end sport horses currently seems to know no limits, neither nationally nor internationally. But by far not only future Olympic winners are born in horse breeding. A significant share of the market is accounted for by the customer’s desire for a riding horse that is comfortable to  [Read More]

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At the delegated meeting of the Hanoverian Breeding Association in August, Anja Rietbrock and Stefan Blanken were elected to the dressage breeding committee. We are very proud of that, because Anja Rietbrock is always there with full commitment and with her knowledge, skills and contacts at home and abroad an  [Read More]

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Here we have a very nice article about Anja Rietbrock in the Horse Sport Magazine Bremen. THE SPANISH ARE COMING – Anja Rietbrock Anja Rietbrock makes Sottrum the northern German meeting point for Spanish horses. For decades, the name Rietbrock has stood for horse-friendly, solid, training of horses and riders  [Read More]

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Today is actually a quiet day – in relative terms. 4:00 p.m. and Anja Rietbrock stands in the cold stable mixing disinfectant. But there are also completely different scenarios in which she takes center stage. Then the horse management master negotiates on the international stage, passes on her knowledge during  [Read More]

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Working with young horses is a challenge 12.08.2003 (az). Show jumpers and dressage horses have enjoyed professional training on the farm of the Rietbrock family in Sottrum since 1978. What Gerd and Kristin Rietbrock started is now being continued together with their daughter Anja. The 36-year-old has already achieved numerous  [Read More]