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Camaron is a lovely 12 year old Andalusian with a very good character and is offered as a leisure horse, for hacking and riding arena. The pretty bay has a beautiful head and honest eyes. He is very comfortable to sit, whether trotting or cantering. We can also imagine him  [Read More]

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Here we have a great little 11 year old Spanish chestnut who has been trained solidly and reliably in dressage. He has not yet been shown at competitions, but you can easily do a medium dressage test with him at home. Chiquito has a lot of expression for his size  [Read More]

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This pretty 7 year old bay Andalusian is a great all-rounder! He is a reliable horse in the field, both alone and in a group, and in the arena he works diligently and does everything right for his rider. Pinturero is very easy to ride and has 3 solid gaits.  [Read More]

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This super gorgeos gray horse is very rideable for his age and offers a lot of riding comfort. He is very easy to ride, walks very well on the reins and on the aids and is already well trained for his age. Capitan masters lateral movements in all gaits, simple  [Read More]

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We are also happy to offer Andalusian horses, which are crossbreeds of Iberian horses, often with PRE, but these are not registered in a  stud book. The Andalusian does not necessarily have to come from Andalusia, but also combines the typical characteristics of the Spanish horses, intelligence, proud and meek  [Read More]