Fascination Iberian or fad?

What used to be an exotic horse in the riding stable, the PRE, the Andalusian or the Lusitano, is now a common sight in the stable at Germany. There is almost a hype about the noble Andalusians or as they like to be called, “The horses of the kings”. In the beginning, they were still smiled at by the die-hard warmblood rider and dismissed as long-like oversized pony that throws the hooves in all directions. Admittedly, too high prices were initially paid for iberiane horses, some even say that the sorted out horses were exported abroad.

A few years ago, we bought the first Iberian, simply not to miss the trend because there were always requests for purchase. We quickly became fascinated by these horses. They are absolutely comfortable to sit, they learn quickly, have a balanced character, they are totally human-related and, last but not least, their aim for dressage. Side walks are easy for them, even with young horses, and could almost be called the 4th gait.

What is the best way to describe a PRE? As beautiful and noble as a painting with which you can ride high dressage lessons during the week, go on a leisurely ride on Saturday with your not-so-experienced life partner and on Sunday the 6-year-old niece can come to “giant pony riding”.

During our trips to Spain we are always impressed by how quietly very young Andalusians are, tied to the cleaning area, stallion after stallion and almost as obedient as a dog. In general, the Iberian horses do listen very well to voice or whistle, they always try to do everything right and loves to be praised. In the field, it shines with its sure-footedness and its intrepid character. In general, we have found that they does not have a particularly strong desire to escape and is more curious about the unknown than wanting to storm away in panic.

Over the years we have been able to establish very good contacts in Spain and thus regularly buy high quality horses in Spain. We regularly visit selected stud farms and breeders in Spain, look at young horses, but also high trained horses, or some of which have already been presented at competitions and try them intensively.

Our standard is high and we attach great importance to good basic gaits, correct building, impeccable character and with sports Iberians on the basis of being able to participate competitively in competitions in Germany.

BENEFIT from our decades of experience in dressage, breeding and selling horses and now for several years all around the Iberian Breeds.


For over 5 decades, we have been engaged in the breeding, training and marketing of successful dressage horses, show jumpers, hunters and ponies. With us, you will find Hanoverians, Oldenburger and other breeds for all disciplines at different levels of education.

Anja Rietbrock completed her apprenticeship by Hans-Heinrich Meyer zu Strohen. Other trainers were Fritz Ligges, Peter Luther and Uwe Schulten-Baumer. Successes in competitions up to class S in dressage and jumping followed. In both disciplines, she was awarded with the Golden Riding Badge.

Long-term experience and a lot of empathy for horses and riders are the basis of a trusting cooperation. Therefore, our goal is to discover and train the right sport horse for the appropriate rider.

For many years, we have succeeded in establishing a reliable clientele abroad. They are always interesting to acquire good show jumpers & dressage horses, as well as hunters & ponies.








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