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This chic and pretty black Andalusian horse has a great character and is a rideable horse with a simple temperament. He is also suitable for weaker riders or as a family horse. Sultan can be ridden well at the riding arena or he enjoys extensive rides, alone or in company.  [Read More]

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Anduriña is a talented 4 year old PRE mare who brings a lot of potential for dressage and the whole thing paired with a fantastic character. At this young age she is already completely consolidated, radiates an enormous inner calm and nothing can bother her. A dream horse that is  [Read More]

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This impressive 5 year old PRE stallion inspires everyone with his enormous charisma, his baroque stature, but also at the same time with his gentle look. A horse that is at peace with itself even at this young age and shows absolutely no stallion behavior. He is always very focused  [Read More]

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With a height of 1.67 this PRE is one of the bigger representatives of his breed. He is a very sensitive and sweet horse who can be handled and ridden very well at any time. Arigie is ridden basic and impresses with sweeping movements, which you can simply sit out  [Read More]

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For sale is this beautiful mare by Corlensky. She is an absolute reliable horse and ridden very well in dressage but she is also good to jump secure parcours and also to enjoy a ride in the fields. A very likeable mare who is very good to handle with a  [Read More]

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Even this pretty boy is so young of age, he is well ridden in the riding arena and also at the fields/street. An uncomplicated youngster who is easy to work and which makes fun every day to work with. If you are looking for a young horse with whom you  [Read More]

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Barque is a very easy to ride horse, always highly motivated, concentrated and easy to hold. Most recently he was ridden by a 10 year old girl, so we can also recommend him for weaker riders. He has a height of 1.61 meters and was ridden in Spain by a  [Read More]

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This beautiful PRE gelding in special colour chestnut impressed from the first time seeing him. He has an exceptionally good and extensive walk that you rarely see on a PRE and even less at this young age. In this regard, we would like to quote Anja Beran: “What cannot be  [Read More]

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This 11-year-old PRE black gelding is a feast for the eyes and is also great fun to ride. He moves very well and elegantly and is extremely comfortable to sit. He also was trained as a driving horse. Fundador is a lovable and sensitive gelding who is very good and  [Read More]

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Immy, as we call him, is a PRE to fall in love with straight away. He is not only a feast for the eyes and also a flawless horse in character, but also gread to handle and to ride. Immy has a height of 1.62 and he is easy to  [Read More]