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Espers is a great buddy and a beautiful horse. He is 5 years old and at 1.58 he is a compact horse for leisure and dressage. Espers walks well on the reins and is fine with the aids. He is not a skittish horse and can also be ridden well  [Read More]

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Bravo lives up to its name! An extremely nice and rideable grey horse that leaves nothing to be desired. His breeder has also made a top choice with the stallion. His sire Quintal goes back to the award-winning dressage sire INEDITO (mother’s line) and the sire’s line to a very  [Read More]

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The 4-year-old gray PRE is not only equipped with good basic gaits for classic dressage, but also with exemplary behavior and the best character. Nappo is equipped with good basic gaits and has everything to be trained for classic dressage. He is endowed with good nerves, always works with concentration  [Read More]

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Ostentoso is a 5 year old PRE in black jacket, but with his calm temperament he seems to be more older and mature. He has an extremely balanced character and a pleasant, calm temperament. In short, a horse that does its job and a good job every day. He offers  [Read More]

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Preferido is only 4 years old, but his character and temper is exceptional. He is very easy to deal with, super well-behaved, so you can tell immediately that he comes from a family-like attitude. He can be touched anywhere, remains free, when saddling, unsaddling or dismounting. In short, a great  [Read More]

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Here we have a very baroque dream Andalusian gelding who was trained in dressage by a girl up to class M / S. He’s a great buddy with whom you can have fun every day. A horse that is very easy to ride and has never been pushed hard or  [Read More]

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This pretty Andalusian gray was born in 2017 and comes from a private family in Spain. A lovable guy with a pretty face and very beautiful eyes who is super easy to ride. A great horse and buddy with a height of 1.60 who runs barefoot. A horse for having  [Read More]

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This chic and pretty black Andalusian horse has a great character and is a rideable horse with a simple temperament. He is also suitable for weaker riders or as a family horse. Sultan can be ridden well at the riding arena or he enjoys extensive rides, alone or in company.  [Read More]

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Karateka can best be described as a big teddy bear. A super sweet horse that doesn’t upset anything. He is totally good in the field and on the riding arena he convinces with his good training and M lessons. This brown 1.60 large PRE is also extremely comfortable to sit  [Read More]

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Anduriña is a talented 4 year old PRE mare who brings a lot of potential for dressage and the whole thing paired with a fantastic character. At this young age she is already completely consolidated, radiates an enormous inner calm and nothing can bother her. A dream horse that is  [Read More]