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This black Andalusian is a very rideable and already well trained 6 year old horse. He already has competition experience and has always been ridden professionally. A great, easy to ride horse that is trained up to L/M level and has a solid command of all lateral movements and canter  [Read More]

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This beautiful grey horse cannot deny his origin. Visually, he has the character head and conformation of the Lusitano, but also the willingness to perform, the courage and the charisma, along with the movement. Lindo was not registered in the stud book of the PSL because one of his parents  [Read More]

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Farolero is a 5-year-old PRE gelding that we got directly from the stud farm in Extremadura. He grew up there with Miguel Tovar Sanz on extensive terrain in the herd. Farolero was gently broken in last year and has had plenty of time to grow. The handsome boy is currently  [Read More]

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This young Hanoverian dressage gelding is presenting himself in a beautiful jacket. He grew up in the best conditions and was recently broken in. The smart black horse has 3 good basic gaits and convinces especially with his powerful hindquarters and a very sound foundation. A horse with a future  [Read More]

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Merino is a beautiful Portuguese horse that has been in professional training since last August. The rider has studied at the Jeréz Riding School and is a recognised rider, trainer and instructor in Andalusia, who can be found up to the highest classes. Merino is on a L/M training level  [Read More]

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Here we have a grey PRE that leaves nothing to be desired. Baroque foundation, paired with very good riding quality and best character. Wawa is intelligent, learns very quickly and is always attentive. At the same time he is always very easy to ride and handle. He is currently at  [Read More]

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Faron is a great horse for the whole family and is very easy to ride. He is a reliable horse for hacking and also easy to ride in the arena. A horse that adults and children can have fun with and who is a great buddy to all. Due to  [Read More]

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You can hardly get enough of this beautiful black horse! Fiestero has an enormous charisma and embodies everything you imagine a Spaniard to be. Long mane, a lot of neck, a broad chest and a fiery look, but with an impeccable character and no stallion manners. Fiestero has been ridden  [Read More]

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This typey 4 year old PRE black horse is very baroque. He comes directly from Villamore Stud, where he grew up in the herd on extensive grounds. The stud is known for breeding typey PRE in various colours with very good character and functionality. You can see that in this  [Read More]

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This charming grey mare is the perfect horse for relaxed rides. She is 100 % safe by hacking and is therefore also well suited for older riders or newcomers. The mare has some basic go, but can be regulated at any time. She has also worked with children in school  [Read More]