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This beautiful grey horse cannot deny his origin. Visually, he has the character head and conformation of the Lusitano, but also the willingness to perform, the courage and the charisma, along with the movement. Lindo was not registered in the stud book of the PSL because one of his parents  [Read More]

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Merino is a beautiful Portuguese horse that has been in professional training since last August. The rider has studied at the Jeréz Riding School and is a recognised rider, trainer and instructor in Andalusia, who can be found up to the highest classes. Merino is on a L/M training level  [Read More]

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Libano is a very well and classically trained Lusitano who is very easy to ride and also gives weaker riders security. They can learn with and from him. He safely walks all the side gears in all basic gaits, can be collected very well and lies easily in the hand  [Read More]

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We currently have no in the Stutbook registered Lusitanos on sale. Please contact us, however, as we also have very good contacts to breeders, riders and trainers in Portugal. The Lusitano is one of the oldest horse breeds in Europe. Its origins can be found in the Berbers and the  [Read More]