Karateka can best be described as a big teddy bear. A super sweet horse that doesn’t upset anything. He is totally good in the field and on the riding arena he convinces with his good training and M lessons. This brown 1.60 large PRE is also extremely comfortable to sit  [Read More]

Anduriña is a talented 4 year old PRE mare who brings a lot of potential for dressage and the whole thing paired with a fantastic character. At this young age she is already completely consolidated, radiates an enormous inner calm and nothing can bother her. A dream horse that is  [Read More]

This pretty brown PRE mare has an unusually long mane for a mare and is our “brown unicorn”. Her beautiful almond-shaped eyes are also striking. In addition, she is built correctly and harmoniously, with a height of 1.58. Candela is under the saddle contantly hard working and nice to r.  [Read More]

How nice to hear something from the pretty PRE mare Eliana. Her owner contacted us with photos and this message: “Dear Anja, Eliana has now been with us for 5 months and it’s going very well. She has settled in, has won everyone’s hearts and has a lot of fun  [Read More]

This horse knows how to plese everyone and not only with his beautiful color, but also with its lovely manner. He is 5 years old and has been given all the time to grow and develop. Costador has only been in training for a short time and does his job  [Read More]

We are always particularly pleased when we receive photos of our former sales horses and messages from happy buyers. We are happy to follow the development of our horses and of course see ourselves confirmed in having brought the right horse together with the right rider / owner. Our chestnut  [Read More]

Our beautiful Buckskin Barquillero will now enrich the alpine state of Switzerland. A PRE that we will never forget. A great horse in character and with every season his coat color has appeared in a different tone. We congratulate the buyers on their decision and wish Barquillero all the best  [Read More]

Saying goodbye is always difficult and especially with this pretty clown, whom we all take so deeply into our hearts. Morfeo, a beautiful PRE in special color bay, highly talented and who came to us from Spain and was already very well trained for his age. With us he was  [Read More]

This impressive 5 year old PRE stallion inspires everyone with his enormous charisma, his baroque stature, but also at the same time with his gentle look. A horse that is at peace with itself even at this young age and shows absolutely no stallion behavior. He is always very focused  [Read More]

With a height of 1.67 this PRE is one of the bigger representatives of his breed. He is a very sensitive and sweet horse who can be handled and ridden very well at any time. Arigie is ridden basic and impresses with sweeping movements, which you can simply sit out  [Read More]