Am 27.04. und 28.04.2024 findet ein Lehrgang unter Leitung von Anika Bardenhagen im Bereich Working Equitation für Anfänger bis Erfahren in der Reitsportanlage Rietbrock in Sottrum statt. Anika Bardenhagen ist erfolgreich im Working Equitation Bereich bis Klasse M und hat den Trainer B Schein Klassisch-Barock und ist Pferdewirtin Schwerpuntk Reiten.  [Read More]

Manni is being sold on behalf of a customer. He is a smart gelding who is also suitable for beginners and has been trained to medium (M/S) level. He is fine on the aids and can also be ridden by children without any problems. The gelding is a formerly licensed  [Read More]

Auch unser 4-jähriger PRE-Wallach Farolero, der direkt vom Züchter aus Valencia zu uns kam, hat sein neues Zuhause gefunden. Der Wallach wurde bei uns eingeritten und ausgebildet. Wir wünschen dem hübschen Braunen und seinem neuen Besitzer alles Gute und eine schöne lange Zeit mit diesem intelligenten und sensiblen Pferd.  

This black Andalusian is a very rideable and already well trained 6 year old horse. He already has competition experience and has always been ridden professionally. A great, easy to ride horse that is trained up to L/M level and has a solid command of all lateral movements and canter  [Read More]

This beautiful bay PRE is not only a very tyful representative of his breed, but also a very fine horse in handling and under saddle. The 5 year old gelding has been well broken in and can be ridden very well in all 3 gaits. He is always happy to  [Read More]

We always have fond memories of Percy. The handsome boy is now 24 years old and is of course allowed to “slow down”, but he is still ridden and brings joy to his owner every day. Here is a message we received about Percy: “Dear Mrs Rietbrock , Percy with  [Read More]

Here we have a smart 7-year-old Lusitano for the dressage rider who is trained to medium (M) level. The handsome brown gelding has a height of 1.65 metres and is a well-balanced gelding who enjoys dressage work but is also fun to ride at the fields. A smart, head-clear chap  [Read More]

This beautiful grey horse cannot deny his origin. Visually, he has the character head and conformation of the Lusitano, but also the willingness to perform, the courage and the charisma, along with the movement. Lindo was not registered in the stud book of the PSL because one of his parents  [Read More]

This smart bay gelding is a Zinedine offspring who grew up and grow up with us. It is always nice to see how the foals and half-breds grow into a strong 5 year old who has already successfully proven his qualities with an amateur in an A level show jumping  [Read More]

This lovely black mare is not only a feast for the eyes, but also impresses with the ease and elegance with which she moves. Her name “QUISQUILLOSA” translates as “the eager one” and that’s exactly what she is. Always ready to give her all and please her rider. Quisquillosa already  [Read More]