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This 11-year-old PRE black gelding is a feast for the eyes and is also great fun to ride. He moves very well and elegantly and is extremely comfortable to sit. He also was trained as a driving horse. Fundador is a lovable and sensitive gelding who is very good and  [Read More]

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Immy, as we call him, is a PRE to fall in love with straight away. He is not only a feast for the eyes and also a flawless horse in character, but also gread to handle and to ride. Immy has a height of 1.62 and he is easy to  [Read More]

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Barque is a very easy to ride horse, always highly motivated, concentrated and easy to hold. Most recently he was ridden by a 10 year old girl, so we can also recommend him for weaker riders. He has a height of 1.61 meters and was ridden in Spain by a  [Read More]

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This 10 year old gray is very baroque. Tornado is a PRE mix / Andalusian very well trained. He is easy to ride and trained to level M / S. At 1,59 he is a perfect female riding horse and also a very suitable horse for older riders. He is  [Read More]

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Talented chestnut pony gelding is looking for someone who will continue to work with him. This pretty gelding with impeccable character has everything to be successfully trained as an eventing pony, as jumping and dressage suits him. He is fun to work every day and so is it with him.  [Read More]

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This black mare by For Romance and De Niro presents herself with the best character, a lot of rideability and elegance. She has already successfully passed the mare test, is a state premium mare and has already had a foal. The mare is equipped with 3 very good basic gaits  [Read More]

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This pretty young PRE gelding has everything to become a great dressage horse. If you are looking for a young talented horse, Clasic is the right one for you. His father and mother were raised on the Can Boada stud farm. Can Boada is the most successful family stud in  [Read More]

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This correct and pretty gelding, who knows how to move, comes directly from a large, well-known stud in Spain Barcelona. He has good basic gaits and is easy to ride and good to deal with. He grew up in large herds on large areas and was allowed to grow up  [Read More]

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Direkt aus Züchterhand stammt dieser wunderschöne und hochtalentierte 5 jährige Wallach, der sich großrahmig präsentiert, mit viel Ausdruck und 3 sehr guten Grundgangarten. Er verfügt über eine beieindruckende Technik und ist aktuell auf einem sicheren L Dressur Niveau. Zusätzlich zeigt er bereits sehr viel Talent für die hohen Lektionen, wie  [Read More]

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This easy-to-ride and beautiful mare by Don Schufro leaves nothing to be desired. She is currently at an L level and is already jumping the flying changes very safely. The mare is equipped with 3 very good basic gaits and is on a good M level. Her talent for gathering  [Read More]