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This beautiful stallion in a black jacket presents himself proudly and nobly with a stately height of 1.65 meters. He comes from the Vimar stud and was already presented atcompetitions. [ Read More ]

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We proudly welcome this fine 3 year old mare in a brown jacket in our stable. Her father is none other than the beautiful chestnut stallion of the Yeguada Ymas, [ Read More ]

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Albaro is a great horse for leisure riders, enjoying the nature and field with their horse, but also for working equitation. A gelding who has a calm character, is safe [ Read More ]

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This beautiful black gelding is very typey. You can hardly get enough of him. He shows himself extremely typey as a PRE, without a doll head, but with an Iberian [ Read More ]

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This 10 year old gelding has a dream character. He is a wonderful horse for the whole family with a balanced character, always friendly, always willing to work and with [ Read More ]

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Here we have a beautiful brown Andalusian with a height of 1.61 / 1.62 who could also be a Pure Spanish Breed. Faruq has a balanced character and can be [ Read More ]

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Barque is a very easy to ride horse, always highly motivated, concentrated and easy to hold. Most recently he was ridden by a 10 year old girl, so we can [ Read More ]

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Marisol is a pretty brown mare which is not so long under the saddle, but has already gained a lot of experience in the field. There she is shockproof, curious [ Read More ]

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Chiquito is a 7 year old Andalusian gelding that looks like a PRE in small horse format. But when the little man enters the riding area, he looks like 1.60 [ Read More ]

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This beautiful 6 year old gray gelding comes from the well-known stud farm Nadales in Andalusia. The horses there grow up under optimal conditions in large herds and on large [ Read More ]