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Barque is a very easy to ride horse, always highly motivated, concentrated and easy to hold. Most recently he was ridden by a 10 year old girl, so we can [ Read More ]

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This chic modern PRE gelding was born in 2014 and was gently ridden for 4 years in a renowned dressage and training stable in the north of Spain. There he [ Read More ]

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This beautiful grey gelding not only knows how to please riders, but also has a wonderful, lovable character. He is easy to deal with, always friendly and faces the rider [ Read More ]

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Fantastic PRE black stallion with great dressage future. Already now, just shortly borken in, he shows how much potential is in him. A rough diamond, with a flawless exterior, long-legged [ Read More ]

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This PRE with a beautiful head knows how to please everyone. A beautiful horse that combines classic dressage origins and Cartujano bloodlines, with baroque classic proportions, honest and lovable eyes [ Read More ]

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This wonderful PRE gray stallion is the ideal partner for teenagers, amazons or seniors. He is very well trained and masters all Grand Prix lessons, as well as the high [ Read More ]

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PERAL is a PRE gelding with best character, who likes to work and likes to serve his rider. He already was presented at competitions in his age and did very [ Read More ]

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This beautiful 6 year old gray gelding comes from the well-known stud farm Nadales in Andalusia. The horses there grow up under optimal conditions in large herds and on large [ Read More ]

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Fleurty is an elegant, very promising 3 year old Finnigan mare out of a San Amour mare, which is currently being ridden by us. She shows perfect character and works [ Read More ]

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Piconero is an exceptionally good 8 year old PRE stallion with a lot of charisma. You could call him the epitome of the Spanish horse, lots of neck, perfect gathering, [ Read More ]