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You can hardly get enough of this beautiful black horse! Fiestero has an enormous charisma and embodies everything you imagine a Spaniard to be. Long mane, a lot of neck, a broad chest and a fiery look, but with an impeccable character and no stallion manners. Fiestero has been ridden  [Read More]

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Olmillos is an extremely well-behaved gelding for his age. He is very easy to ride and can be handled well by weaker riders. We see this handsome horse perfect for a girl or young lady. Of course he needs further training, but he is a horse that is already very  [Read More]

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Walter is a beautiful young PRE gelding with excellent basic gaits and a particularly good character. This handsome grey is not only very talented and willing to work, but also has a lovely balanced character. He is also safe to hack, alone and with other horses. A great exceptional horse  [Read More]

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This super gorgeos gray horse is very rideable for his age and offers a lot of riding comfort. He is very easy to ride, walks very well on the reins and on the aids and is already well trained for his age. Capitan masters lateral movements in all gaits, simple  [Read More]

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This chic Andalusian is a great companion and buddy for every rider. He is absolutely reliable, does everything, is easy to ride, comfortable and a little life insurance. The gelding is a good size at 1.62 and is the ideal companion for a rider who likes to go hacking or  [Read More]

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Quinto is a beautiful big bay PRE stallion who is trained up to elementary level. You feel right at home on him and it would be impossible to find a more comfortable horse to ride. The elegant bay jumps beautiful changes and is easy to ride overall. A great companion  [Read More]

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Here we have a beautiful mare and daughter of Quantensprung with the special colour Palomino. The mare has had one foal so far and was broken in and trained this year. Currently she is covered again by the De Niro son Just Wimphof. A dun foal could be the result.  [Read More]

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Hier haben wir einen sehr schicken großrahmigen 6 jährigen Wallach von Grey Flanell. Gary ist ein schöner kräftiger großer Wallach, der sich zu bewegen weiß. Er ist ausgebildet bis Klasse m und ist bis L platziert. Er ist ein leichtrittiges Pferd mit gemäßigtem Temperament, der täglich gut mitarbeitet. Es macht  [Read More]

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Here we have a great little 11 year old Spanish chestnut who has been trained solidly and reliably in dressage. He has not yet been shown at competitions, but you can easily do a medium dressage test with him at home. Chiquito has a lot of expression for his size  [Read More]

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Libano is a very well and classically trained Lusitano who is very easy to ride and also gives weaker riders security. They can learn with and from him. He safely walks all the side gears in all basic gaits, can be collected very well and lies easily in the hand  [Read More]