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This pretty Andalusian gray was born in 2017 and comes from a private family in Spain. A lovable guy with a pretty face and very beautiful eyes who is super easy to ride. A great horse and buddy with a height of 1.60 who runs barefoot. A horse for having  [Read More]

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This 10 year old gray is very baroque. Tornado is a PRE mix / Andalusian very well trained. He is easy to ride and trained to level M / S. At 1,59 he is a perfect female riding horse and also a very suitable horse for older riders. He is  [Read More]

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This beautiful Andalusian knows how to please. He is correctly built, has a good height of 1.65 meters and comes in a special color dark chestnut. A great horse that has been ridden mainly off-road and is now being ridden with us in daily  dressage manner. He learns very quickly  [Read More]

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Brandy is a 10 year old gelding who couldn’t be lovier. He definitely leaves no wishes open. He can be ridden by a 5 year old child, be it on the riding arena or off-road. Furtheron he was trained in Alta Escuela and was most recently used as a teaching  [Read More]

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Here we have a beautiful brown Andalusian with a height of 1.61 / 1.62 who could also be a Pure Spanish Breed. Faruq has a balanced character and can be ridden alone or with other horses in the field or on the riding arena without any problems. For the past  [Read More]

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Here we have an Andalusian of 9 years in a compact size with a height of 1.56 meters. Rambolero is a good, trustworthy horse under saddle, and motivated and good to work in the arena. We see this horse perfectly for older riders, beginners or as a family horse with  [Read More]