On March - 23 - 2021 0 Comment

This beautiful Andalusian knows how to please. He is correctly built, has a good height of 1.65 meters and comes in a special color dark chestnut. A great horse that has been ridden mainly off-road and is now being ridden with us in daily  dressage manner. He learns very quickly  [Read More]

On October - 20 - 2020 0 Comment

We are so happy that the pretty little gray horse has found “his” carrot giver, but stays with us in the stable. Congratulations to the buyer and we are looking forward for a  good long time with us in our stables and in our family stable community.        [Read More]

On June - 13 - 2020 0 Comment

This 10 year old gelding has a dream character. He is a wonderful horse for the whole family with a balanced character, always friendly, always willing to work and with a calm temperament, without being lazy at all. On the contrary, he always offers to work, with calm basic gaits  [Read More]

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This 5 year old Andalusian has a solid training level and has ridden English and Doma Vaquera. He is particularly suitable as a leisure horse, because he is very safe in the field, even with beginners and does not heat up at all, but also for dressage. Silencio / Berti  [Read More]

On March - 1 - 2020 0 Comment

We see this nice 4 year old Andalusian gelding at the beginning of his training, but still as a future top leisure horse for women, teenagers and children. Paquito has a height of 1.56, but covers his rider well. He has an impeccable character, is friendly to everyone, appreciates every  [Read More]