On March - 14 - 2023 0 Comment

There are new beautiful photos of our PRE gelding Walter. He inspires us every day anew with his expression, his lovable character and his riding qualities.   HERE YOU FIND THE NEW GALLERY OF WALTER.  

On January - 3 - 2022 0 Comment

We are always very happy to receive messages and photos from our former sales horses. For the New Year we received a photo of a satisfied customer and our gray Andalusian Marismeño. He looks great and it’s a shame that we can’t show the happy smile on the owner’s face.  [Read More]

On April - 4 - 2021 0 Comment

This beautiful 5 year old stallion is 1,60 tall and knows how to present himself. This comfortable black horse leaves nothing to be desired, an Andalusian as you can’t wish any better. Zahonero is a beautiful PRE in a black jacket, he is great to ride, who always works hard  [Read More]

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This is a Pre, beautiful like a picture! He is 9 years old and has a height of 1.65. Oceano is absolutely in the baroque type and is perfectly built and very good to handle as a stallion. He is trained up to L / M dressage level and is  [Read More]

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A 5-year-old horse, and a stallion on top of that, cannot prove more impressively what unique character he is endowed with. Therefore we have hesitated so far to have this beautiful and easy rideable gray PRE castrated. Of course, we offer to castrate him on request. Whether as a gelding  [Read More]

On December - 24 - 2020 0 Comment

You can hardly take your eyes off this beautiful, stately PRE gelding. He combines beauty, strength, expression and movement and proves once again how much care and knowledge the Spaniards use in their breeding. Ilustrado was born in 2014 at the JF Miño stud farm in the Alicante area. The  [Read More]

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Here are some photos of the beautiful Esplendido. In the meantime it has been integrated into the existing herd, which has worked quite well so far. We also got to know Esplendido as a very social horse who could be integrated into our small herd of mares just 6 weeks  [Read More]

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Here we offer a wonderful brown 6 year old gelding that is easy to ride, soft in the mouth, very comfortably to sit  and well trained. He masters all side movements in all gaits as well as shoulder-in and traversal. A horse that is easy for everybody, he is just  [Read More]

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We are very pleased that Obstinado has found his soul mate owner. Congratulations and thank you for these wonderful professional photos! Obstinado has never been so beautiful. A horse that you can not see enough of and that despite castration still has so much expression and fire in view, but  [Read More]