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This personable 4 year old young boy is under the saddle since July of this year and has shown from the beginning very good, calm, willing and with good basic [ Read More ]

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Aoto is a beautiful palomino with silver main and tale and is not only attracting everyone’s attention because of his beautiful color, which shines like gold in the sun, but [ Read More ]

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Honest is an impressive gray gelding, who comes from the Paco Marti stud, which is world-famous for its color breeding, but also for breeding authentic, healthy and selected PRE horses [ Read More ]

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This black charming boy has excellent bloodlines and comes directly from the breeder in Spain and convinces with excellent gaits. Deseo is comfortable and very docile. He has well-known studs [ Read More ]

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Diferente lives up to his name. The handsome bay boy is ridden and driven from single, two, four and six horses. Additionally he is talended for tricks as he is [ Read More ]

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We all are still busy, but soon the calm, contemplative time moves in and each of us can finally take a deep breath and review the current year or set [ Read More ]