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This 5 year old Andalusian has a solid training level and has ridden English and Doma Vaquera. He is particularly suitable as a leisure horse, because he is very safe [ Read More ]

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Wandermärchen is a beautiful mare that knows how to convince. This black-brown mare comes from a very successful line and is still in breeder’s hand. This great candidate for mare [ Read More ]

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This Spanish Mestizo is 9 years old, gelding and has a compact ssize of 1.40 m. Bartolo is the perfect Iberian horse for the whole family. He was occasionally ridden  [ Read More ]

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We see this nice 4 year old Andalusian gelding at the beginning of his training, but still as a future top leisure horse for women, teenagers and children. Paquito has [ Read More ]

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Harry is a very well trained PRE gelding of 11 years who is very comfortable to sit and has a great character. This makes him particularly suitable for fearful or [ Read More ]

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Obstinado is a talented 6 year old gelding with the famous curb brand or as it is called “Hierro del Bocado” in Spanish. This typey and beautiful PRE gelding has [ Read More ]

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This 7 year old dark grey stallion comes from an old, renowned PRE stud from Andalusia and grew up in large herds with optimal care. There he was also broken [ Read More ]

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This beautiful 8 year old PRE gray stallion is just fantastic. Super comfortable to sit, an unique treasure in character and his dressage qualities leave nothing to be desired. This [ Read More ]

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This personable 4 year old young boy is under the saddle since July of this year and has shown from the beginning very good, calm, willing and with good basic [ Read More ]

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A horse as you dream from is this 4 year old PRE who appears so much more mature and adult. He is mainly ridden by a 12 year old girl [ Read More ]