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Honest is an impressive gray gelding, who comes from the Paco Marti stud, which is world-famous for its color breeding, but also for breeding authentic, healthy and selected PRE horses on over 500 hectares. Other studs in Honest’s pedigree are Miura, Yeguada Militar, Escalera and Lluis Pell. Honest was presented  [ Read More ]

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Marisol is a pretty brown mare which is not so long under the saddle, but has already gained a lot of experience in the field. There she is shockproof, curious and very eager to walk. So if you are looking for a great baroque mare for further training, this is  [ Read More ]

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Here we have an extremely talented, Pure Lusitano, who not only knows how to move, but also convinces with his impeccable character and great cooperation. A horse that gives us joy in riding every day and brings everything with it to become a top dressage horse. Unico has clean X-ray  [ Read More ]

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This beautiful 6 year old gray gelding comes from the well-known stud farm Nadales in Andalusia. The horses there grow up under optimal conditions in large herds and on large areas. Quetal is a good and social horse who has been carefully and professionally trained. He masters sideways, shoulder in  [ Read More ]

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This 6 year old 1.63 tall gelding is a compact, beautiful Andalusian horse in a square format, with a short, muscular neck and a broad chest. He has so far been ridden English, Vaquera and even with a side saddle. He has strong nerves and has already been shown on  [ Read More ]

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This beautiful black gelding is very typey. You can hardly get enough of him. He shows himself extremely typey as a PRE, without a doll head, but with an Iberian head, proud look and extremely harmonious physique. His name says it all, “The Expectant”, Esperado. Although Esperado was very good  [ Read More ]

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This beautiful black horse is very baroque at his age of 4. He was raised by the Yeguada Alhamilla in Almeria, where he grew up in the best conditions. The Yeguada Alhamilla breeds Spanish sport horses for dressage and carriage and mates old bloodlines with modern sport horse lines of  [ Read More ]

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Albaro is a great horse for leisure riders, enjoying the nature and field with their horse, but also for working equitation. A gelding who has a calm character, is safe in the field and at the street, but due to some Arab blood, he could also be used perfectly for  [ Read More ]

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Here we have a beautiful brown Andalusian with a height of 1.61 / 1.62 who could also be a Pure Spanish Breed. Faruq has a balanced character and can be ridden alone or with other horses in the field or on the riding arena without any problems. For the past  [ Read More ]

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Barque is a very easy to ride horse, always highly motivated, concentrated and easy to hold. Most recently he was ridden by a 10 year old girl, so we can also recommend him for weaker riders. He has a height of 1.61 meters and was ridden in Spain by a  [ Read More ]