We are also happy to offer Andalusian horses, which are crossbreeds of Iberian horses, often with PRE, but these are not registered in a  stud book. The Andalusian does not necessarily have to come from Andalusia, but also combines the typical characteristics of the Spanish horses, intelligence, proud and meek charisma, talent for assembly and high school, gentle and reliable, balanced character, which makes them very popular with recreational riders and ambitious recreational riders are.

We currently have no Andalusians on offer, please take a look at this section from time to time, as we always import selected high-quality Andalusians from Spain.


Name: Andalusian Gender: Stallion, Gelding, Mare, Foals
Age: any age Height: from 1,45 bis 1,65 m
Colour: any colour Training Level: Leisure/Basis to dressage
Location: Germany Price: depending from age and quality




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