We currently have no in the Stutbook registered Lusitanos on sale. Please contact us, however, as we also have very good contacts to breeders, riders and trainers in Portugal. The Lusitano is one of the oldest horse breeds in Europe. Its origins can be found in the Berbers and the Andalusian horses, with no emphasis on high leg action when breeding Lusitanos. The breeding book for Iberian horses has existed since 1912. In 1967, however, there was a division into “Pura Raza Española” (managed by the Ancce) and the “Puro Sangue Lusitano” (managed by the APSL).


Name: Lusitano Gender: Stallion, Gelding, Mare, Foal
Age: every age Height: from 1,55 to 1,70
Color: all colours available Level: from basis to high level
Location: Portugal Price: from 5.000,- to comparing the quality Euro



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