How about”, my horse asked, “if you forget everything for an hour?”

“To forget everything?” I replied. “My grief, my pain, my worries, the pressure I feel, how is that supposed to work?”

“Just be with me, look around, look at me, smell me, feel me, hear me, and when you are completely with me, then you are also with you.”

“But I can’t get it out of my head!” I replied desperately. “You speak easy. You are a horse and you don’t have to worry about anything that I don’t do for you. ”

“You yourself are my concern,” said my horse, “because we are connected with each other through fate. All that you decide for me determines my life. And if your actions are born under pressure, we both stay eternally on the run from invisible enemies. They are called fear, dissatisfaction, sorrow, pain and have many other names. ”

“I can’t leave it away,” I answered, a little angry.

“You shouldn’t do that either, you can’t either,” said my horse, “but you can learn to be in the here and now, to be mindful. If it’s you, I can let myself go You see me chewing and licking. That is the secret sign. I can only let myself go if you do. ”

“Then what about the burden on my soul? They are not gone. ”

“No, not at all!” Smiled my horse, “but in every moment of mindfulness the muscles of your soul grow and you can bear and bear your burden more easily.”


Author Hellmut Dillmann



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