This Spanish Mestizo is 9 years old, gelding and has a compact ssize of 1.40 m. Bartolo is the perfect Iberian horse for the whole family. He was occasionally ridden  a 6 year old boy and is therefore absolutely off-road and traffic safe. So if you are looking for a well-behaved, quiet Iberian horsed who can be ridden by young and adults, has a nice size, is comfortable to sit and even the young / sporty grandma can ride him, you have found the right horse here. We see him also as a school or therapy pony.

The Mestizo is a Spanish crossbreed from different breeds (Spanish mountain horse / Mérens, Andalusian). He has a straight to ramshackle head and is in rectangular or square format, has dry limbs, a sloping shoulder and a well muscled croup. The height varies from 1.35 to 1.50 m. It is perfect for westerns and leisure and has a good-natured character. He is also considered to be persistent and a good working horse.


Name: Bartolo Gender: Gelding
Age: 2011 Height: 1,40 m
Colour: Brown Training Level: Basic
Location: Northern Germany Price: SOLD







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