Piconero is an exceptionally good 8 year old PRE stallion with a lot of charisma. You could call him the epitome of the Spanish horse, lots of neck, perfect gathering, high leg action, enormously comfortable upward gallopade and the whole thing paired with a gentle charisma, always trying to please and please the rider.

If we look at his pedigree, we know where it all comes from. Piconero has mostly grown Guardiola. Guardiola Fantoni is one of the founding breeders of classic PRE breeding and is so famous that he does not need to maintain a website. Guardiola is one of the grail keepers of Cartujano breeding and has developed from this basis into one of the most successful dressage breeders ever. The Guardiolas are wonderful movers, highest rideability, high performance demands. And they come from the hands of a stud farm that still works with bulls. You always notice something like this – their breeders want them to be highly functional and with a lot of strength. It is also nice for the local square, of course – they have everything that can win there too.


Name: PICONERO Gender: Stallion
Age: 2012 Height: 1,64m
Colour: Grey Dressage Level: PSG
Location: Northern Germany Price: SOLD






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