Here we offer a 5-year-old beautiful compact gelding that has inspired us from day one. He settled in and integrated with us immediately after arriving from Spain. In addition, he is great to work, offers himself and works hard, although he has only been under the saddle for a few months. He moves elegantly and lightly, has very good basic gaits and ist very comfortable to ride. A dream of a young horse!

He shows how important good rearing is in order to maintain a horse with strong nerves and resilience. Dorado grew up on the Salvatella stud north of Barcelona with an area of ​​more than 120 hectares. The mares and foals as well as weaners are kept exclusively outdoors and in nature and the population is free of piroplasmosis. The aim of the Salvatella Stud is to breed Pura Raza Española, which are physically strong, beautiful and easy to ride, and all of this with the best character and strong nerves. That worked out very well and also proves itself with this horse.

If we take a look at the family tree of Dorado, then on his father’s side he moved through Educado X and his son Corinto X. Corinto X is a Mejorante award-winning bay stallion with a height of 1.74. Corinto has over 355 successors and many award-winning descendants around the world. The mother line comes from the Valenzela stud in Cordoba. There, too, they breed healthy, beautiful, resilient and rideable horses on over 450 hectares and 1,000 m above sea level.

Dorado has purchase examinations and x-rays and would be the perfect horse for further dressage training or leisure riders with dressage ambitions.


Name: DORADO Gender: Gelding
Age: 2016 Height: 1,60 m
Colour: Chestnut Training Level: Basic
Location: Northern Germany Price: SOLD




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