We found this amusing article on the internet and found it so apt that we would like to share it with you:

If the horse does not run forward, it must be the wrong cereal, there is such a great new one and guaranteed oat-free.

If your horse is queasy, try the anatomically shaped bit for 250 €.

If things go wrong on one side than on the other, it is by no means due to the natural skew, but because the last visit to the ostheophat and acupuncturist was too long ago.

Speaking of which, one of the naturopaths can certainly also commute the bad past of your horse.

The fact that it sometimes rises or does not lift your left rear hoof is in any case not the fault of your upbringing, but a profound problem of the soul, which can be treated with pellets and horsemanship trainers.

Incidentally, your saddle hinders the activity of your horse’s back – buy a new one. With snakeskin. Or treeless. Or completely without. Even better, just don’t ride at all, building muscles by riding is a fairy tale anyway. This can only be done by lunging for weeks, preferably untied, because the Hoppemax should not be tied up, sin!

Although I can’t imagine that, but if you haven’t made any progress in riding after a year despite all the measures, don’t invest your money in riding lessons – remember the pendulum.

Your horse’s favorite color is neon pink, maybe a new saddle pad will help? If not: be careful when choosing a riding instructor. In any case, he or she should only praise your good sides, and criticize at most the selection of saddle pads / bandages / gaiters. In addition, after three lessons you should already notice a significant increase from E to M level. And thirdly, he shouldn’t take more than ten euros, everything else is a rip-off.

In this sense: It’s great that there are so many options, but sometimes just riding, being critical and staying power helps.


*Author unknown*

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