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On July - 30 - 2020 0 Comment

Here we have made a video of the Ancce valuating of three of our stallions 2020 in our stables. We hope you like it.     Post Views: 25

On July - 25 - 2020 2 Comments

This beautiful 6 year old gray gelding comes from the well-known stud farm Nadales in Andalusia. The horses there grow up under optimal conditions in large herds and on large [ Read More ]

On July - 24 - 2020 0 Comment

Although 2020 is an exceptional year for everyone, Ancce did not want to miss out on organizing a valuating tour through Germany. We registered 3 of our stallions for the [ Read More ]

On July - 22 - 2020 0 Comment

This chic brown mare is only 4 years old, but she shows herself very well under the saddle and with mbest character, so that she has already been ridden by [ Read More ]

On July - 14 - 2020 0 Comment

Since we are often asked how such a transport from Spain to Germany works and how the horses can handle it and put it away, we have a few impressions [ Read More ]

On July - 12 - 2020 0 Comment

We work our horses on the hand once a week, sometimes more often, and there are horses that respond so wonderfully that we work them in hand before or after [ Read More ]

On July - 10 - 2020 0 Comment

This wonderful PRE gray stallion is the ideal partner for teenagers, amazons or seniors. He is very well trained and masters all Grand Prix lessons, as well as the high [ Read More ]