Although 2020 is an exceptional year for everyone, Ancce did not want to miss out on organizing a valuating tour through Germany. We registered 3 of our stallions for the basic breeding and on July 23rd 2020 came the big day.

Admittedly there was a bit of excitement because it was the first time that we had a PRE evaluation in our stables. Of course, we prepaired our 3 “chicos” and made them pretty.

The evaluation itself is relatively unspectacular. The horses are first briefly introduced on hand and then literally measured from top to bottom. Head length, forehead width, mouth, neck, shoulder, tube length, angulation of the hindquarters, belt circumference, height at the withers and back and the base of the tail.

Then the stallions should be lunged to show their gates, which will also be judged.

Then there was already the sticker in the horse passports for “registered breeding horse” or in Spanish “Registro de Reproductores”.

Kaiser and Poderoso were licensed as breeding stallions. We shall introduce Morfeo again next year and continue riding him and tightening his neck.



Here some impressions:

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