Acupuncture is an important component in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM). In China, the art of acupuncture has been used and developed for over 4000 years.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), a living being is considered healthy if it is physically, mentally and emotionally balanced and the energy Qi can flow unhindered through the so-called meridians. These are networked with each other and run on the body surface as well as within the entire body. Most of the acupuncture points are on the meridians. Therefore, the needles are inserted into these acupuncture points during acupuncture treatment.

Maintaining and restoring the energetic balance is the task of acupuncture. Acupuncture is not only ideal for the prophylaxis of diseases, but also for the relief of psychological factors such as stress and excessive demands. Especially a long transport from Spain to Germany can throw one or the other sensitive horse pretty off the rails. Especially horses that come directly from the breeder and have never been in a different environment in their life or have been cared for by other people take longer to really “arrive” in Germany. Of course, we deal with the horses with a lot of empathy and strive individually for each horse.

For some it may be best to continue with the training directly, the other needs more rest and paddock and for some we also resort to acupuncture and have had the best experience with it. During the treatment, the horse relaxes and looks down and falls. But even after the treatment, the horses are partly as if they were replaced and completely at their own. In addition, tensions are released, which may also come from standing for a long time during transport or which may have existed for some time. Dental and chiropractic treatments are also part of our regular standard. Only a healthy horse that feels good mentally and physically can perform at its best.


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