Again I had the opportunity to visit a friend and her wonderful PRE stud. Tanja Bach has been breeding Pura Raza Española for over 20 years and her stud has been in Germany since 2015. This time it turned out to ride two of her stallions.

Firstly, the 6-year-old Aragón Ducal, who is also available as a stallion at the stud, and the four-year-old Alvear Ducal. Aragòn is a huge horse, an exceptional horse with a lot of swing and space. A power package, a machine, if you feel it under the saddle, you know what powerful gear means.

Four-year-old Alvear, too, has a lot to play in sports because he brings everything like his full brother Ataturc with him: hind leg, expression, strength and shoulder-free.

This beautiful day with Tanja was crowned with the birth of a foal.

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