This beautiful 6 year old gray gelding comes from the well-known stud farm Nadales in Andalusia. The horses there grow up under optimal conditions in large herds and on large areas. Quetal is a good and social horse who has been carefully and professionally trained. He masters sideways, shoulder in and croup out and already shows nice approaches of the piaffe.

His family tree is also impressive. His sire is a Calificado stallion by Bohorquez and his sire, his grandfather, comes from Romero Benitez, which has a “mystical name” among Spanish breeders. Many breeders keep their bloodlines refreshed with Romero Benitez horses. But his mother doesn’t have to hide at all. Her pedigree captivates with Cartujano lines and Govantes.

Of course, he is field-tested, easy to load and forge and overall a very likeable and friendly horse. He has a very nice face and big honest eyes.


Name: Quetal Nadales II Gender: Gelding
Age: 2014 Height: 1,64 m
Colour: Grey Training Level: Professionell Traines since 3 years
Location: Northern Germany Price: SOLD





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