It felt a bit like heavy stones were lying on the chest when we drove our “Bolle” to his new home. NOT because he won’t get a really great new home and of course an equally great new owner who has harmonized perfectly with him from the start, but because we had this lovable cream-colored PRE so much in our hearts.

Yes, Bolle, a dream horse, so lovely, such a nice caracter, one that you can recommend to anyone, without ifs and buts, on which you would put anyone on without thinking twice. BUT, of course you have to remain a realist. You cannot keep “all of them”, even a horse has the right to receive unrestricted attention and time, which is simply not possible for us with so many young horses, horses in training and horses for sale. Well, now Bolero arrived in his new home! Dear Bolero, all the best for you and enjoy the time with your new owner!



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