Lauri is an exceptional horse, the likes of which one rarely encounters. He has a super character, an enormous charisma and it is just so much fun to work with him every time. He is always 100% focused and you can rely on him completely. Therefore, he is also ideally suited as a lesson horse or for weaker riders.

He is very well behaved, whether it be when grooming, saddling or giving hooves, and he has no problems at all with other horses. He does not show any stallion behavior and can be ridden with other horses, even mares, in the indoor or outdoor arena. Even horses tethered next to him is possible without any problems.

Unfortunately we have to part with him because of young horses. As they always say “Unfortunately we can’t keep them all!”. Lauri will only be given into good and suitable hands.


Name: Laureado Gender: Stallion
Age: 2009 Height: 1,67 m
Colour: Brown Trainings Level: Grand Prix – Training Horse
Location: Northern Germany Price Level: SOLD








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