The year 2020, which is about to end, has demanded a lot from us all. The corona pandemic has kept us and the whole world in suspense, it has stopped us and unfortunately it continues to do so. Now Christmas is approaching and we are all aware that this year, unfortunately, everything will be “completely different”, also for Christmas.

There will be no visits to Christmas markets, which were always so atmospheric in the pre-Christmas period. There will also be no happy Christmas parties with friends and colleagues, and also no long-awaited gatherings and visits from family and friends. No, we have to do without it as far as possible or it will only exist in a very limited form.

Those in whose life there are animals may consider themselves lucky. Dog, cat, horse ………… they give us support in these difficult times ……….. we can hug, caress and kiss them ….. …… soft horse noses, a puff in our ears, eyes that are trustingly directed at us …………… we are nearly jealous of our animals, who don’t anything about the pandemic and our worries

We wish all our friends, acquaintances, customers and business partners a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2021.


Family Rietbrock & Team


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